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DCS800 DC Drive Training

Training Objectives

This training is designed as an introduction to ABB's DCS800 series Variable Speed Digital DC Drive. The course is intended for anyone with basic electrical knowledge such as technicians and engineers. The course is designed to teach the basics of Variable Speed DC Drives, how they work, and how they can be used to control DC motors. Included is an introduction to  DriveWindow Lite v 2.9 and DriveWindow v 2.4 software; detailing how to set up parameters, monitor the process in real time and develop documentation for a DC Variable Speed Drive.

  08:00 AM  Introduction to ABB DCS800 Digital DC Drive.
  08:15 AM  DC Drive & Motor Basics.
  10:00 AM  Break.
  10:15 AM  DCS800 Hardware.
  10:45 AM  DCS800 Firmware & Parameters Using the Operator Panel.
  11:15 AM  DCS800 Programming & Operation, Application Macros.
  12:00 PM  Lunch.
  12:45 PM  Functional Block Diagrams.
  01:00 PM  Drive Start Up Laboratory.  Drive Wizard.
  02:00 PM  Using DriveWindow Lite v 2.9 Software.
  02:30 PM  Break.
  02:45 PM  Using Drive Window v 2.4.
  03:15 PM  Speed Regulation Laboratory.
  04:00 PM  Drive AP 1.1 and Adaptive Programming.
  04:20 PM  DeviceNet Communication with the ACS800.
  04:40 PM  DCS800 Diagnostics and Maintenance.
  04:50 PM  Review & Wrap Up.
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